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Killing Joke and the Fire Eaters

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

There are many gigs I've gone to over the past 40 plus years (and I'll probably write about others in due course) but watching Killing Joke play at Brixton Academy stands out as memorable, if only for the fire eaters.

It was my first (and only) visit to this fantastic venue and it was jumping. It is a beautiful venue with a touch of the Romanesque about it and when you look up at the ceiling, it is so high it looks like the sky at night.

The audience was mixed in age and they were well packed in, so the sweat was dripping. Bodies jostled and it was difficult to take photos but I had a Canon Powershot at the time which did all the hard work. I only had to point.

So they had two female fire easters at either end of the stage, who performed for large periods of the concert....and they were awesome. The music fitted the bursts of flames that rose up as the guitars thundered through the set.

I took hundreds of photographs that night but this one stands out as my favourite. Like a new age warrior, the fire eater looks up as the flames burst into the air. It was jaw dropping to watch.

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