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Born in Edinburgh, I attended (what was then known as) Telford College in the late eighties and qualified as a graphic designer in 1996 (two years spent working as a graphic designer during this period).

I was always interested in photography from a young age, carrying a small 110 instamatic, and taking photos of friends and family.

It was only once attending college that I became more aware of taking photography more seriously in a creative direction.

Since then, finding out about people such as Vivien Maier and Martha Cooper, I discovered that photography didn't have to mean working in a studio or in professional journalism.

Street photography is as much about capturing a moment in that instance and assessing the subject, the environment and the story in the seconds you have available, before the moment has passed.

My graphic design work is more planned, invariably conversing a message. Again, it is personal. It might be political, social, humour, challenging, questioning.

Hopefully you like the work on display.



"My work is very personal and observational. I enjoy watching and studying people and their environment." 

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