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Birmingham Graffiti - Pt 2

In a continuation from Part 1, I take a look at more of the graffiti in and around the Digbeth area of Birmingham when I was working down there. These photos were all taken in 2019 and it is unlikely any of them still exist as the work was regularly painted over, but the quality of the work (then and now) is impressive.

Birmingham graffiti - fist and face

Less than ten minutes from the centre of Birmingham, Digbeth is the bohemian/art hub of the city. Famous for it's connection with "Peaky Blinders", it was one of many Victorian industrial areas of the city which is slowly going through a redevelopment.

pop art in Digbeth, Birmingham

Filled with cafes, bars and an assortment of boutique shops, it is a world away from the centre of the city that is populated with all the usual high street chains.

Graffiti with a touch of the space art about it

Old red brick facades are splashed with colour and imagination, filled with inspiring images and art.

graffiti covers the old walls around Digbeth

large graffiti works cover the walls of Digbeth

Graffiti by Gent

a car park is covered with graffiti in Digbeth

An area under the old bridges has been converted into a car park where many of the artists are able to produce their work on the supporting walls.

graffiti is sprayed on the walls running along the canals

Arguably not Eden, but any wall space will be painted

The spectrum of work ranges from the basic to the intricate, but it all has it's place and is worthy of studying.

graffiti with a face and scorpion embelishes the old walls

This stunning artwork of a human/scorpion is eye catching. Not sure whether the RIPs were added after or are part of the artwork.

Street scene in Digbeth with painted buildings

Street scene shows high rise buildings covered in graffiti by Dan Kitchener

Tree man statue stands high in front of a building in Digbeth

Tree man statue stands high in front of a building in Digbeth

The main boulevard is lined with art shops, cafes and takeaways so you can spend a good few hours wandering around enjoying the amenities and the Free Art. It has a relaxed atmosphere (during the day, at least) though I'd imagine the volume gets cranked up in the evening with the pubs and clubs in the vicinity.

Beautiful graffiti covers the streets in Digbeth

Beautiful graffiti covers the streets in Digbeth around the Custard Factory

Within Digbeth is the Custard Factory, an area of 15 acres of old industrial building, converted into work spaces and shops, that was once the location for the production of egg-free custard by the Bird family.

A lot of the work derives from the City of Colours Festival in 2014 with work by Justin Sola, Jay Sharples, Dan Kitchener and N4T4.

Graffiti by N4T4 in Digbeth

Graffiti by N4T4

As well as graffiti there is some interesting sculptures.

car par with crushed metal walls

car par with crushed metal walls

Crushed metal wall running along the street in Digbeth

Crushed metal wall running along the street in Digbeth

The streets to look out for include: Rea Street, High Street, Dudley Street, Bordesley Street, Fazeley Street, Heath Mill Lane and Floodgate Street.

Graffiti by Justin Sola

Graffiti by Justin Sola

These are only just a selection of the many photos I took in Digbeth. I'll try and add more later, but needless to say a trip down to Birmingham and Digbeth will not disappoint.

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