About the Artist

Born in Edinburgh, Holly attended (what was then known as) Telford College in the late eighties and qualified as a graphic designer in 1996 (two years spent working as a graphic designer during this period).

It was during this time that he first became interested in photography, as it was part of the HND course, where he learned to develop his work.

No sooner had he got his first job as a graphic designer, in a Distance Learning department within a University, when he was introduced to the world wide web and the building of web pages.

Holly changed careers and moved into web development, self-teaching himself programming and, over the next twenty two years, built a career in web application programming, working in a wide range of markets, including local government, consultancies, industry, finance and agencies, while he and his wife raised a family.

Throughout these decades he retained an interest in street photography and an aficionado for gigs, which began seriously in the late 70s when he crossed paths with The Clash and Joy Division backstage, as a teenager,  and into contemporary times where he retains his enthusiasm to watch, listen and discover the talents of localartists breaking through in their chosen career.

Like the successful career he built within programming, his skills in photography are self taught through trial and error, resulting in an eclectic selection of unique photographs.